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Litecoin To Moneygram Cashout

MoneyGram has partnered with litecoin to improve its international money transfer process and foreign exchange business. Litecoin and Ripple XRP are currently the most popular cryptocurrencies in the industry. The traditional money transfer options like money orders and wire transfers are usually expensive and inefficient to businesses. This has prompted companies to find faster and more efficient ways to send and receive money.Online money transfer systems were developed, to provide businesses with both convenience and a cheaper option for remittance.
The money transfer market is dominated by huge corporations like MoneyGram and Western Union.MoneyGram’s tie-up with Litecoin is the latest move of incorporating money transfer options so as to make the process of remittance easier, cheaper and effective.
MoneyGram has partnered with Litecoin and Ripple to improve its international money transfer process and foreign exchange business.

ltc to moneygram exchange services


Withdrawal bitcoins to cash with MoneyGram transfer system is one of the fastest ways for you to get money for your Litecoins. All the process could take about an hour at CryptoExchang. So if you got extra bitcoins and Litecoins and wish to receive cash for them, CryptoExchang will gladly provide you such possibility.
How to make a withdrawal from Litecoin to MoneyGram?
Sell bitcoins with good rate and minimal commission you can with CryptoExchang by receiving MoneyGram transfer this platform. You should just fill the order form, provide receiver’s details and send Litecoins to our Litecoins address. Our Litecoins address will be provided on your order page after you complete the order form. We’ll send payment to your receiver in 1-3 business hours after you send us Litecoins. We also offer services of dogecoin to moneygram exchange services. Details of the transfer will be provided on your order page, also you will receive an email notification that your transfer was sent. The final step will be to visit the MoneyGram agent and provide an operator transfer’s details (reference number, sender’s details).

Litecoin to Cash

Currently, it is possible to purchase with fiat currency, a common way to purchase Litecoin Cash will also be with one of the three crypto pairings offered by CryptoExchang. Follow a Step-by-Step guide to buying Litecoin Cash (“LCC”) with other cash and other cryptocurrencies:

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  • Open an account – In the event that you don’t already have an account on an exchange and are not holding Litecoin, DOGE or Ethereum, open an account at CryptoExchang and purchase Bitcoin, DOGE or Ethereum. It’s worth noting that, while there is a higher transaction fee when purchasing with debit or credit card, the purchase is immediate.
  • Sign into CryptoExchang – Once you have bought BTC, DOGE or ETH, sign in to CryptoExcang and open an account.
  • Transfer your LTC, DOGE or ETH coins from CryptoExchang into your newly opened account. In order to do that, click the “Funds” tab and search for LTC to BTC, depending on the kind of cryptocurrency you bought, choose “Deposit”, copy the deposit address and afterwards paste it to the exchange that you intend to withdraw the cryptocurrency from, by selecting send. You would have to wait up to an hour, depending on backlogs.
  • Return to the CryptoExchang trading platform, search for the pairing, whether it’s LCC/LTC, LCC/DOGE or LCC/ETH and proceed with the transaction. After completing the process of the transaction, you will find the newly purchased LCC coins in the Deposits ‘Withdrawals’ tab located in the ‘Funds’ section of your account. Select ‘Withdrawal’, enter the details and select submit. Make sure that you had previously saved your Litecoin Cash wallet address safely when setting up the wallet. The LCC coins will then transfer from your CryptoExchang account to your Litecoin Cash wallet and will remain there until you wish to sell them offical webiste of ltiecoin

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