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How To Sell XRP For USD

Ripple has a special purpose to use blockchain technology and XRP to improve cross-border payments. Here we'll give you tips on how to sell your XRP for US dollars or other cryptocurrencies and making the trading of Ripple an easy process.
If you intend to sell your XRP you'll need to know how to send the coins from their storage place (wallet or account) to an exchange. Choose the option of wallet or account and send the amount of XRP you want to sell over to the appropriate address.

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How to sell Ripple for USD

You can either sell the XRP directly for USD on an exchange that accepts XRP deposits and USD withdrawals, or you can trade your XRP for another cryptocurrency first, and then exchange that currency for USD on an exchange like CryptoExchang that accepts USD withdrawals.

Steps to selling Ripple for USD

In order to sell XRP onCryptoExchang, you must follow some general steps:

  • The first step is to register to create an account and confirm through email.
  • Verify the account. Even in exchanges with optional verification, the ability to withdraw fiat currencies will require at least your name, country, pictures of ID documents like a national ID card or passport, and sometimes proof of residence.
  • Deposit XRP into the account’s wallet.
  • Sell the XRP and buy USD.
  • Withdraw the USD

Verification processes

The specific requirements for verification are: complete online form, phone number, email address, residential address, two forms of valid government-issued identification with picture (passport, national ID card, driving license, residency card, employment permit card, etc.), a bank statement highlighting name as the account holder and a proof of residence (statement not older than 3 months from a utility, service company, licensed corporation or government authority)

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How to sell Ripple via peer-to-peer networks

Why would you want to sell P2P? A number of options would be available but, selling P2P has its perks compared to centralized exchanges. P2P exchanges are run by software; sellers and buyers are automatically connected, with no human intervention. This implies no verification is required, meaning you can keep your personal information private.

A Guide to Sell XRP (at CryptoExchang)

When you decide to sell XRP, do remember that this is just like the foreign exchange of fiat currencies like the Canadian dollar, US dollar, or Euro. n this way actually you trade coins that you have at market exchange rate - either a cryptocurrency or a dollar - for XRP, which trades as XRP, like how the US dollar has a “ticker” of USD.

Sign up on CryptoExchang and verify your account

This is the first step to selling XRP. The step to verify your account ensures that we properly connect your funds to your account

Fund your CryptoExchang account using XRP

Funding is like putting gas into a car - it helps you get where you want to go.


Now you can use quick trade to select XRP from the list of currencies you want to sell. Then choose the fiat currency you want to sell XRP for, such as Euro or US dollar. We provide you with the option of a quick trade. The process to sell any cryptocurrency on our platform in three clicks.

Sell your XRP and receive your Euro or US dollar amount on CryptoExchang

Automatically, your dashboard balance will update to reflect which currency/currencies are in your portfolio after each sale.

Withdraw your Euro or US dollar amount directly to your bank account from our platform

The whole process is very simple by clicking "Withdraw" in the top bar menu on your dashboard then following the instructions.

Use following three button to perform any buy, sell or exchange activity in our website

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